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Demonstration Applets
We have over 50 models which have been developed, and these have been used to create hundreds of eSims. Below are links to a few examples of the eSims that have been produced with JeLSIM Builder, we will be making more of our eSims available in the months to come.

Chemistry Practicals
This work, initially funded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate was improved and adapted over a period of three years.

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The original materials are available from

UPDATE: See the new versions at: PPA1 - PPA2 - PPA5


Item Response Theory
Each question in a multiple choice test can be described in terms of its 'difficulty' (the probability that a student of a given ability will get it right), its 'discrimination' (how good it is at distinguishing between two students of particular ability) and its 'guessability' (the likelihood that the correct answer can be guessed). These three factors can be linked in the Item Characteristic Curve. This simple simulation allows the user to investigate the factors governing the shape of the Item Characteristic Curve. All three well known models are represented (Rasch, 2-Factor Logistic and Birnbaum) and curves can be superimposed on one another to see how they to see the JeLSIM

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Business Startup
Before launching any new business venture, whether it be an existing business or a potential new business the first step is to prepare a business plan. The business plan outlines the long term objectives for the proposed venture, it is a blueprint for running the business, a benchmark to check the progress against and also it is crucial for convincing banks, financial institutions, key customers and suppliers to support the proposal. This group of simulations takes the user through various stages, including the cashflow forecast, the trading forecast, investigating fixed and variable costs, setting sales targets, and working through a case study of a small retail outlet.
This model was created to support a course for those starting their first business. By the end of the course, the new entrepreneur should be able to create a cashflow projection and trading forecast for the first year of their new business. The projections are created in a format which allows the small business advisor to explore possible scenarios during the first year of trading with the client. This material was produced in collaboration with the Small Business GateWay [Clydesdale.] click to see the JeLSIM

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Studying Solar Transit
The solar geometry model takes input of date, time and location of a point on the earth and returns information about the location of the sun. The user can input the direction and slope of a building wall and retrieve information about how the sun strikes a building. The model can work in two modes: as a single shot calculation which is carried out each time an input variable is changed or it can be set to run continuously, automatically incrementing time by a user-defined time step. The method used in calculating the output variables is based on an algorithm (Program 1.6) published in "Solar radiation and Daylight models for Building Design" by Tariq Muneer (1997) publisher. Architectural Press, Oxford.

Four different interfaces are available from the one SolarGeom model on the Solar Geometry Page

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Interference Waves
This applet shows the interference patterns generated by waves of different wavelengths. You can change the point source of each wave wavelength, wavestep, damping and phase. This applet is still under development. click to see the JeLSIM

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Simple Mortgage Calculator
This applet shows the relationship of Capital and Interest in a standard Repayment Mortgage and allows you to vary the Term, Interest and mortgage value. click to see the JeLSIM

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Body Mass Index Calculator
This applet shows the relationship of your wieght and height and provides guidelines for the weight you should aim to be for your height. The applet should not be seen as providing authoritative medical to see the JeLSIM

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